March 4, 2013

Home Tour: Shoe Nook

*I'm not making excuses, but please keep in mind that we live in military housing.
Next stop on our home tour is our Shoe Nook.
It's nothing special. In fact, it's purpose (according to our floor plan) is to be a breakfast nook.
However, we do not have a mud room or foyer in our home so we took this space over as our Grand Central Station.
This is our shoe cabinet.

I like to keep our little red chair there for the girls to sit on while they get ready for school. I have everything that I need to make a bench, but just haven't made it a priority yet.

Up until last week, this is where we kept a little table for the girls to color at. Not only was the table too small for all three of them, but it was causing too much chaos in this area. Eventually I would like to place another table here (kid size and kid friendly) where they can do their crafts.

I keep all of my Scentsy and small candles in the top drawer along with my candle holders.
Yes, I still have black wax on the candle holders....from Halloween.
Don't judge. :)

The middle area is for Johnathon and I to keep our shoes in.
Mainly mine since he is usually in work boots.

While Johnathon was on deployment, I found myself in the middle of such stress. I constantly tried to tell myself that it would pass and wouldn't you know it, it never did. Something else always happened and things were always hard. It took me 2 seconds to buy this plate when I saw it.
I look at it now and remember one of the hardest times in my life.
 I can smile about it that the storm has passed.

What I love about this shoe cabinet is that the girls can hide their mess. Anyone with even one child knows the mess that they can make with their shoes. We've tried buckets, baskets, lining them up...NOTHING worked.
Well, it worked, but it was a horrible mess.
At least with this cabinet, it CAN be a mess and no one has to see it.

We purchased the cabinet from IKEA.

This is also where the girls hang their backpacks.

We have a larger coat rack near our front door for our guests, but we keep a small one in the back for our own.

Please ignore the fact that we have no indoor rug by our back door, that we do not have any curtains and that every wall, door and space is white.
It's a functional space that could (and usually does) get cluttered very easily.

I should probably note that on any given day we do have our random shoe or two sitting under the cabinet and crayons on our floor. :)
It's life people!
With three little girls, our Shoe Nook hardly looks this nice on a normal day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Katie said...

Pretty space, and also functional--I'm jealous--our entry looks like a shoe explosion... I want an Ikea near me! :(

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