February 26, 2013

Vonlunteering: Mission Trails

Johnathon volunteers with his command as much as he can and before the girls were born, I would even go with him. We've been waiting and talking about the day when we could all go and volunteer with him as a family.
That day was Saturday!

Johnathon has two volunteer service medals through the Navy and each medal requires 300 hours of community service over three years. In January he will eligible for his third.
He's amazing!
Anyway, I'm done bragging.... :)

This volunteer was a lot of fun because it was out at Mission Trails Campground and we got to walk the trails and pick up garbage.

I wasn't thrilled when we got the talk about rattlesnakes, but we were lucky and didn't see any.

The girls had a good time looking at the nature and even turned it into a game while looking for garbage.

It was the first nice day in awhile so I think we were all thankful to just get out of the house. 

They had donuts for the volunteers and this little gal couldn't stay out of them. 

Once we finished with the garbage, we went to the different camp sites and put mulch around the bushes, trees and fire pit.

The girls helped for awhile, but eventually took interest in the large rocks and trees that seemed MADE for climbing!

This was the group from Johnathon's command.

We had such a good time and each of the girls even got a letter of appreciation for their 4 hours of community service. Johnathon and I are going to get them each a binder to keep them in. I'm sure they will have quite the collection in a few years.

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