April 10, 2014

Let It Go - Adoption Edition

I came across this hilarious video and just had to share.
Most of you will only find bits of humor in this, but if you are currently going through this process, you will laugh the entire time.

*Johnathon and I are not affiliated with C4C*

April 7, 2014


I first viewed this video last week and was instantly moved to tears.
Have your tissues ready...

My heart just breaks for every child who must feel these emotions and live through these experiences.
My life is crazy and chaotic, but all I can think is 'How can I help another child'? I wish I could help them all. To show them love. Give them support.
This is EXACTLY why Johnathon and I do what we do.

April 1, 2014

Spring Break

The girls are on Spring break so the chaos is in full swing this week.
Here are a few pictures of the girls back in January.

We finally had our meeting with D's adoptions worker last Friday and so much was discussed. I wish I could share so much of that with you all, but I can't at this time.
I'm not sure why I was so nervous to meet his worker, but everything went smoothly and I look forward to knowing that she is on his case. 

I don't talk about it often, but D has many gross motor delays. I struggle with this and do my best to not feel guilty. Even knowing that I did not cause these delays, it saddens me that there is little I can do to fix them.
I work with him daily and he has a number of physical therapy interventions beginning soon.
I do see progress, though, and that gives me fierce motivation to continue on and have hope that we will soon move past this. 

Johnathon's parents are coming out to visit this month and the girls are really looking forward to it. It will be great to have them out here for a few big events...D's first birthday and Alyssa & Allison's Spring choir concert. 

I am really looking forward to D's first birthday and celebrating this last year with friends and family. It's been a long year full of changes and new beginnings. We have so much to be thankful for and look forward to. :)

My goes in for a little surgery on her arm today. Prayers are always appreciated. 

Alyssa and Allison will be 7 soon and I can't quite grasp the reality of that. 

I just love these little munchkins!!

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