August 22, 2014


We've put the finishing touches on their classroom gifts.
We've prepared oodles and oodles of cinnamon pancakes to fill our fridge for quick breakfasts in the mornings.

We've spend one last day outside in the sun!

We've set out their clothes for the entire week...undies, shoes and socks included!

Our basket of snacks is full and over flowing with quick snack options.

Technically we are READY!!
I may cry.

August 11, 2014

2nd Grade Orientation

Alyssa and Allison had their second grade orientation.
There was so much excitement about meeting their new teacher and knowing that they would be in the same classroom this year.

Alyssa Kay

Allison Leanne 

They were ready to go!!
They have the sweetest teacher this year and I know second grade is going to ROCK!

It blows my mind that these girls are already in second grade. They are loving gymnastics and amazing me everyday with how grown-up and mature they are.
Where have my little girls gone?

August 4, 2014

End of Summer

Is there anything more exciting than back-to-school hair cuts?!

Gymnastics has officially started.

Evenings at the park are the best.
Meeting new friends, creating new games and feeling the warm Summer sun on your skin.

These gals have been my little kitchen helpers all Summer long. 

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