March 14, 2013

Just the Important Things

Alyssa and Allison are loving public school. They talk about their friends from the second they get home until their little heads hit their pillows each night. They talk about boys, playground games and who is better at reading, writing and following directions.
Occasionally the girls have started asking me to dress them alike. They giggle when they think about someone getting them mixed up. And so it begins...
I, on the other hand, wasn't thrilled in the beginning. I have since received a phone call from the teacher and everything is settled, but the girls were definitely labeled as 'homeschoolers' in the beginning and weren't given the right amount of time to adjust to their new 'normal'. They have since adjusted very well and are both table leaders at their tables. More importantly, the teacher says that they are both excelling and they will each be receiving an award next week. It's a surprise as to why they will be receiving the award, but we are all very excited about it.
Madelynn broke her clavicle bone two weeks ago. She fell off our living room chair and at first I thought she may have hurt her wrist. After about 5 minutes of crying I realized that something else was wrong and started feeling around her upper body. That is when she told me that her shoulder hurt. I softly placed two fingers at each of her shoulders and slowly worked my way into her neck feeling her collarbone. Yep, a clean and definite break. Our neighbors offered to watch Alyssa and Allison so Johnathon and I could take her to the ER (First ER visit where Johnathon was home AND able to go with us.).
Nothing was needed other than a sling for her arm and some Tylenol. The doctor said that her little body would know what to do and in a years time there wouldn't even be a bump to remember it by. We stopped the Tylenol after 48 hours and by 72 hours she didn't even want to wear the sling. She does baby it while she gets dressed, but I think that is more in fear that she will hurt it again and not that it hurts. She has been such a big girl through this entire process.
You know what was awkward? Explaining to our social worker about her accident.
"Why, yes, my daughter did break her collarbone while under my supervision. Do you happen to have a child I can care for?"
I'm only kidding, but it was awkward.
Johnathon and I have finished our 24 hours of foster care training. It was a long weekend full of information, but we were surrounded by a great group of people and I can't imagine going through this process with anyone else. It was a huge sigh of relief to have that out of the way. We are currently waiting on our out-of-state background checks and our home inspection has been scheduled. It's getting official, folks.
We planted a little garden and it's really coming along. The girls are so excited to come home everyday and see how much everything has grown. It's been a really fun experience and I hope to have pictures soon.
I've had the same clean load of laundry sitting on my living room chair for about 5 days now. I finally found the motivation to get off of my butt and get it all fluffed and folded, along with a few other loads. Pathetic, I know...but it's a reality.
Allison is my little bookworm. She always has a book in her hand and her reading skills are really improving because of it.
Alyssa has better penmanship than I did in the fourth grade...and I have nice handwriting. She is such a perfectionist and is so good at writing, coloring and cutting.
These girls make me so proud!
I went to a COMPASS class recently and I want to write more about it, but until then, if you are a Navy wife you should really look into it. I just wish that I had known about it years ago. It was so educational and a new spouse would really benefit from it.
Johnathon has been working on his MTS (Master Training Specialist) and that has been keeping him very busy lately. He had his final board today and PASSED! What a relief. I'm not only proud of him, but I am also happy that his evenings will no longer be used for studying. It really took its toll on everyone (and the house).

We are going out to eat tonight for a little celebratory dinner. It's well deserved. 

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