November 22, 2013

Chaotic, but blessed.

I barely have time to sit down and write this and even as I do, I can think of a million other more productive things I should be doing.
Oh well!
I've been thinking about blogging for weeks now, but the time is just never right. If I do manage to have a gap in my day I have to go to back rehab. If bio parents fail to confirm their visits, that leaves me time to volunteer at the girls' school. If my two littles actually take a nap at the same time, I suddenly have time to log community service hours or put together a tryout packet for cheerleading. It's never ending and always changing.
It's been interesting to see my life change so drastically over this last year and it has changed so much, in fact, that I find myself reflecting on it a lot. Gone are the days of sleeping in and homeschooling my girls according to whatever schedule best suited our lifestyle. Hello are the days of 6:00AM wake-up calls, taking kids to school, heading straight to back rehab, home in just enough time for a surprise home visit with our CCM, a quick load of laundry before maintenance comes to fix our toilet, rushing off to a cheerleading planning meeting, having Johnathon pick up the two little ones from my meeting to run over and pick up the twins from school, relieved to remember that I planned a somewhat easy dinner, homework and bed!!
Are you exhausted just reading that? So am I.
Madelynn has mastered how to take her picture with the webcam.
*Please ignore my untidy house and the fact that I am using our high chair as a plant stand.*

Oh, yeah, Madelynn got bangs. I asked the lady for thick side swept bangs because of her many cowlicks. Instead we got thin blunt bangs. :(
I try to style them as I dry her hair and it seems to be working for now. She is still precious!!
Madelynn wants so badly to go to school, but she is enjoying her time home with baby D and myself. She is still head-over-heels in love with D and spoils him rotten on a daily basis. We've been practicing our letters and their sounds when we find time and she seems to be picking them up quickly. Honestly, she doesn't have a huge interest in it. That makes things a little difficult, but what's new? That's Madelynn for you!

Alyssa and Allison are thriving at their new school and I am thankful every day that we were able to find this school and become part of such a wonderful community. We have all made some amazing friendships and for the first time since I moved to California 7.5 years ago, I have a sense of belonging and 'family' around us. The girls are singing songs to us in Mandarin, building shoebox animal dioramas and asking to have sleepovers and playdates. I think they are pretty happy as well.

Baby D is still in our home. He will be 7 months old soon and hitting so many milestones. There isn't too much else that I can report other than we have a court date soon approaching and that should bring with it a few decisions in the case. We are aware of what the recommendations will be and at this point, we agree. The decisions that will be made on this day are genuinely what is in the best interest for D. From that point on, I'm not enthusiastic about where the case may go, but only time will tell. Johnathon and I appreciate your prayers as we continue on this journey as foster parents. 

Life is busy, but great.
Stressful, but rewarding.
Chaotic, but blessed.

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