April 24, 2013

Home Tour: Alyssa and Allison's Bedroom

I've been a little lazy about finishing our home tour and it didn't help matters when I, on a whim, decided to switch Alyssa and Allison's room with the nursery.
Let's just say that the windows in the twins' old room were off center and it drove me bonkers trying to find the perfect arrangement for the furniture.
This is the wreath that I made for their door. I used pieces of scrap fabric and used a $3 (I think) 'A' in the middle.

Alyssa's side of the bedroom.

I admit, I did make their beds for the pictures, but it's a routine that they make their own each morning. They are really showing improvement with that.

This is Allison's side of the bedroom.
It just so happens to be mysteriously missing a butterfly...SHOCKER!

I purchased their bed frames ($199 each), duvet ($20 each), duvet cover/pillowcase ($30 each) and curtains ($10 for both panels) all at IKEA.
Have I mentioned how much I love that place?!

I searched for quite awhile for the perfect night stand and finally decided on this little chest of drawers from...wait for it....can you guess? IKEA!
It was a steal at $35 and now we will get to pick the paint color. 

Alyssa's shelf.
The 'S' is for our last name and that is simply because they didn't have an 'A'.

Allison's shelf.
We still need to fill a few picture frames, but I love them!

The girls do not use their closet since we have converted to a family closet in our master bedroom. This is where I keep most of our old homeschool things. I think I may get them out soon for Madelynn to use. 

I would like to find a cute little craft table to put in this area for them, but for now they have two chairs and a little caddy for their books.

I found both this 'Dance' sign ($20) and the adorably perfect shabby chic white table ($60) at HomeGoods.
I must say, it's a weird feeling having two daughters old enough to WANT a CD player in their room. They currently have Taylor Swift's latest CD in there and jam to it on a daily basis.

I'm really happy with the way that this room is turning out. It's not 100% finished, but we are off to a great start. It's technically smaller than their old room, but the furniture just makes more sense in here. There is much less wasted space and everything is centered on the window which makes this momma happy. :)

I also want to give the girls credit for keeping it so clean. Obviously I picked it up a little before snapping these pictures, but they do such an amazing job. 

What little princess wouldn't love this room?

I know this one sure does!
Look at her make-up...growing up so fast!

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HG Insider said...

Aw, make up and the most ladylike little pose! Thanks for the shout out and letting us be a part of this princess makeover. Your friends at HomeGoods

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