April 8, 2013

Easter 2013

There is so much to talk about and catch everyone up on.
Here it goes...
We had a fabulous Easter weekend. Johnathon has been unable to be with us for the last TWO Easter Sundays so we knew that we wanted to keep it simple and casual this year. We colored eggs on Friday and celebrated on Saturday.
On Saturday we slept in until 9am and the girls were very excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them. He left much more scaled down baskets this year compared to what he has left in the past, but we all like it a little better this way.
He was also very creative with what he left. Instead of baskets, he left bags. Each of the girls got a new beach towel, water gun, Color Wonder pages and markers, and a new chair for outside lounging. :)
The Eater Bunny was even kind enough to leave Johnathon and I a gift as well...
We had a small lunch of ham, homemade mac'n'cheese, green bean casserole and few other favorites. We invited our friends over and just enjoyed the day.
L - R:
T, Allsion, Madelynn, Alyssa and K
(I think the twins are starting to slowly pull away from Madelynn in height. We'll see!)

After lunch we had our egg hunt.
My friend, Sarah, and I were talking about how we had a good number of eggs for the number of kids. We had bought and filled A LOT of them. Then the guys informed us that they hadn't put half of them in the yard because there were so many.
Guess which little girl overheard our conversation and took off...?

Yep, Alyssa was ALL over that!
Allsion wasn't far behind her either.

That night we offered to watch K and T while their parents when out for a date night. They have a deployment on the horizon and Johnathon and I wanted to make sure that they got a little kid-free time. The girls ended up spending the night and fun was had by all! :)
We woke up on Sunday and headed to Sea World.
While we were there we even ran into the girls' teacher and her family.
We also learned recently that our out-of-state background clearances have come back and we are so thrilled. There are few things around our home that we need to finish getting ready (Like a key lock on our laundry room door...more on that another day.) and we still have those darn character references, but we are getting there!!

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I was reading some posts on my old blog (www.theitalianbelladiaries.blogspot.com) and read some of your comments. Had to come back by and follow. My new blog is www.italianbelladiaries.blogspot.com. That's where I have been for the last couple of years.

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