April 2, 2013

Angels Foster Family Network

As we are getting closer to our certification, I finally feel ready share about our wonderful agency and why we chose to go through them.
We will soon be certified through the Angels Foster Family Network.

This agency is ran locally here in San Diego and it is truly a gem.
The difference between an Angels home and a county home is drastic! I encourage you all to go to their WEBSITE and see how fantastic they are for yourselves.
We love that Angels keeps the workload low for their social workers and makes it possible for them to do their absolute best for all of their families/children.
Angels is only licensed to place children newborn-5 years of age, which just so happened to be the age range in which we are interested.
Angels requires a stay-at-home parent when an infant is placed in a home to guarantee the bonding that is needed during that important time.
Certified Angels families are allowed one placement (or sibling set) at a time. That is very unlike the county, which allows up to six children at a time.
I understand that most families aren't able to be foster families, but there is so much you can still do to help. I encourage you all to find your local foster agency and see what ways you can help in any way. Sometimes you can simply volunteer or donate newly purchased clothing or toys. Most agencies will even accept a cash donation. Angels makes it very easy for you to make a donation on their WEBSITE.
.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .
Johnathon and I had our home inspection recently and I can't even begin to explain how painless it was. As an extreme over-thinker, I was driving myself crazy just thinking about it. In the end, I chose to relax and let it be. We knew there were going to be things that we needed to change and buy so we chose not to worry about it until the time came.
Well, thank goodness for that! Half of the things that I was so worried about ended up not even being an issue. We now have a list of about 8 things that we need to buy, fix or send a copy of to our social worker. The main things that are holding us up are our character references as we each have ONE that hasn't been returned. The worst part is that we have no idea who that one person is and we just need to keep reminding everyone. We are also currently waiting on our out-of-state background check. *sigh*
We were warned that it could take time, but being patient is easier said than done.
Johnathon and I appreciate all of your support and encouragement during this journey. We couldn't do this without you all.

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