February 18, 2013

Home Tour: Madelynn's Bedroom

We've now lived in our current home for 8 months and I figured it was time to do a home tour.
Room number one on my list is Madelynn's bedroom.
It's one of the least used rooms during the week and most used room on the weekend.

Believe it or not, I found Madelynn's bed frame on Craigslist for $150. I'm so in love with it and can't believe that I found such a good deal. It was in perfect condition and it's heavy/sturdy! 

The book shelf is from Pottery Barn, but I found it at a rummage sale in my hometown for a whopping $30.
I know, right!? Such a great deal!
I guess it was purchased for a little girl who quickly out grew it and they just wanted it gone. I quickly and eagerly took it off of their hands. :)
It has been through numerous moves across the country and is still in very good condition.

The purple rug was a $20 Ross find.
Gotta love Ross!

I purchased the wall decals off of Amazon for $40. To be honest, I wasn't sure they were going to stay in her room at the beginning. It was just wasn't the look that I had envisioned. After a few furniture changes and adding a few colors to the room, it ended up working out. I like the way it looks now.

The Dance, Laugh and Dream signs were originally purchased from Target for $15/each for Alyssa and Allison room. The colors were too bold for their bedroom, but looked great in Madelynn's.

This beauty of a mirror I found at a local antique mall for $11 and painted it purple. I love it!

We tried a few different curtain options in her bedroom before deciding that they just looked out of place in there. I settled for a homemade valance made from scraps of fabric.
I just cut 1 inch strips of fabric and tied them in knots around a piece of twine. So easy!

We do keep Madelynn's closet locked, but for a very good reason. Inside is where we keep the toy box and other toys. I only allow the girls to have certain ones out at a time and we only get new ones out as they girls ask for them specifically or as we trade an old toy for a new one. We also do not use her closet for clothes storage. You will find a few blankets, sheets and pillows, but her clothes can be found in Johnathon and I's master closet.  

The pink sign was purchased from HomeGood's for $15 or $20 and was originally in the toy room (which has since been converted into a learning room, guest room and now nursery). 

We live in military housing, ya'll. There is nothing custom or unique about any of our rooms, but I think I made this room fun and vibrant for our very feisty little three year old. She loves it, I love it, what's not to love? 

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