February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

From our family to yours...
I look at that picture and am so amazed with how grown-up and beautiful my little ladies are. I know everyone thinks their own kids are gorgeous, but look at them! I could have never imagined how fantastic it is to watch them change and grow into such wonderful young ladies.
This was our first year to make valentine's for school and we had a little fun with it.

I got this idea off of Pinterest and added my own little mix to it.
Plain white mug: $1 from the Dollar Tree
Hand Sanitizer: $1 from the Dollar Tree
Permanent markers, ribbon and red tags (made from my Cricut): FREE from my craft closet.
We made a teacher AND principal gift for a whopping $4 total.

It's very easy, actually.
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and wash your mugs.
Use any color of permanent marker to decorate your mug as you wish.
Bake in your oven (on a cookie sheet) for 30-40minutes.
*The colors of the markers did change/fade a bit, but the results were still wonderful. I was very pleased. I just added a simple thing of hand sanitizer (you can never have enough in a classroom) and added a bow and tag.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Both their teacher and their principal loved their adorable homemade gifts from the girls.
I also used this same idea to make gifts for other people. A simple white plate or saucer could be decorated to be a serving dish or cookie platter. Try to think outside of the box. I would love to hear some your ideas if you have tried this one yourself.
Total: $4.00
Alyssa took crayons for her valentine. I simply added a little print out and a tag that she had signed and DONE!

I chose CraZArt crayons because they were only $0.57 for a 24 pack and Crayola was $0.97 for an 8 pack.
For those of you wondering, I just used a glue stick to adhere the print out to the crayon box and it stayed very well.
Total: $13.50
I have included a picture of the print out in case you'd like to use it. Free of charge, just one mom passing it along to another.

I wanted to do a PopRocks valentine for Allison because she likes to dress and act like a rock star so often, but I couldn't find any ANYWHERE. I was so disappointed.
Instead we went with a Kool-Aid valentine and she loved them.

The heart bags I picked up at the Dollar Tree and they were 40 for $1 (I think.) and the Kool-Aid packets were 10 for a $1. Everything else I made and printed out from home.
Total: $3.40

I've also included a picture of the Kool-Aid valentine print out if you are interested in that. 

Grand Total: $20.90
Now that is a great deal!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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