February 24, 2013

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

In January, we took the girls to see Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream.
Here are all four girls before the show.
Alyssa, Madelynn, K, Allison

K and her mommy, Sarah.

Our little family.

Remember when I said that Alyssa likes anything with equal parts nurturing and authority?
This was her reaction when K chose to hold Madelyn's hand and not hers.

Johnathon's mom was able to be in town for the show.

My beautiful little ladies waiting for the show to begin.

Oh, Madelynn.

It was a terrific show and we will definitely be going again should they come back to San Diego.
Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald started the show and introduced each of the acts.

Princess and the Frog was first.

Followed by Cinderella.

Tangled was last and my personal favorite.
She twirled around on her 'hair' and it was by far the most fun to watch. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the finale when all of the Disney princesses (and their princes) came out in coordinating cream colored dresses.

It was such a wonderful time and the girls are still talking about it.

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