November 17, 2012


Remember me?
I could sit here and try to explain how we have been SO busy, but honestly, life has just been FULL lately.
Full of fun, excitement, happiness and new experiences.

Don't get me wrong, life isn't perfect.
In fact, we have a three year old that thinks her bed is the huge one in MY bedroom. She also thinks she has her daddy and I wrapped around her little finger.
Okay, she may be right about that one.
However, she is such a little stinker. She is a strong and independent gal who likes to get her way.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is...
Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't have more "mommy moments" to share or the fact that life really is just good right now.
We are still in a period of enjoying our time with Johnathon, watching our babies grow, seeing the benefits of homeschooling, becoming friends with our amazing neighbors and looking forward to the holidays.
Finances are doing well. Kids are growing. Weather is changing.
This momma is smiling.

The girls have a princess party tomorrow and then we take them to see The Fresh Beat Band LIVE on Wednesday. There is a lot of excitement in our neck of the woods.
Add in Thanksgiving and the arrival of our scout elf, Taxi HeyHey later in the week and don't forget about the block party that I am co-hosting. *sigh*

I think about other families who may be struggling to provide a decent Christmas this year, a child fighting a rare illness, a mother losing her battle with cancer, a father losing his job and instantly I feel guilty. I wish I could rip off a chunk of my happiness and share it with everyone this season, but I can't. I find it very difficult to share about our daily doings because I don't want to come off cold or thoughtless.
I hope everyone is doing well and gearing up for Thanksgiving. We are actually about to head out the door to pick up our last minute items from the commissary right now.
Until next time,

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