November 21, 2012


For years I have thought that we needed a real and honest television show about military wives and now we have one.
The pentagon has finally, for the first time, allowed cameras to follow a small group of Army wives in Alaska whose husbands are all deployed.

What I love most about this show is the fact that they realistically took wives from an assortment of ranks. You have your junior enlisted all the way to a commander's wife and EVERYTHING in between.
Even though I am a Navy wife, I could really relate to these women in many ways. I am fresh off of a deployment so the emotions are still there and fresh. Just hearing about their fears and struggles during deployment put tears in my eyes. Only another military wife can truly understand what it is like, so it is nice to see other women feeling the same things and handling the same problems.
These women are all different ages and have children of different ages. I truly believe that any military wife that tunes in will find someone or something that they can relate to.
Married to the Army: Alaska airs on the OWN network every Sunday at 10/9c.

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