October 29, 2012

Carving Pumpkins 2012

With Johnathon heading to Maryland the week of Halloween {or so we thought at the time}, we decided to carve our pumpkins this weekend while he was still home. 

The girls, as usual, had a blast and dug all the seeds out of their own pumpkins.
Alyssa was her usual type-A self and took twice as long as both of her sisters and made sure hers was 'just right'.
Love her!

Madelynn and her new bangs!

We don't do anything fancy with our pumpkins. Maybe we will when the girls are little older. We usually let the girls explain to us what they want their pumpkins to look like and we TRY to make it happen. :)

The pumpkin on the top step is Allison's pumpkin that Johnathon carved and the lower pumpkin is Madelynn's that I carved!!
Isn't she such a doll?!

Alyssa is always posing! 

Allison is such a charmer.

I attempted to get a good picture of all three girls.

This was the best they could do...crazy eyes and all!

Because of hurricane Sandy, Johnathon's trip to Maryland has been postponed which means that he will now be with us for Halloween.

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