October 23, 2012

Good Intentions

I meant well when I started the 31 days of Halloween and honestly, we've still been doing our crafts and snacks, but taking the time to upload them onto here is a whole other story.
We tried the Jell-O worms again...EPIC FAIL! I'm guessing whoever started this craze used much larger straws because the second batch was just a pathetic as the first. We've made bats, haunted houses, Jell-O fingers (turned out MUCH better), bone shaped ice cubes, cookies and much more.
Want to know why I haven't been posting about it all?

I need braces!! I went in for a normal cleaning and at 25 years old, my dentist said it was time to get my wisdom teeth (which still haven't started coming in) cut out. Yay! Because my teeth have some serious crowding, he sent me to an orthodontist to make sure no other teeth needed to be pulled. Well, they want to pull at least one other tooth from each quadrant of my mouth. So far that is 8 teeth and other will only be pulled if the measurements allow it. *sigh*
While we have very nice dental insurance, it does not cover orthodontic care for anyone over the age of 23 so all costs will be out of pocket.
Yep, $6,500 for two and half years of braces. Ouch!

I had my consult with the neurologist about my 'issues' and have since had an EEG. I have a sleep deprived EEG and an MRI scheduled over the next few weeks. Hopefully we should know something, ANYTHING, before Thanksgiving. Please keep me in your prayers as I am nervous about the outcome.

I found a lump on my right armpit.
This isn't something new for me as I found a similar lump last year which turned out to be an infection. However, unlike last time, this lump causes NO pain at all. In fact, I can't even feel it when someone else touches it.
I was skeptical about going to the doctor because I assumed it was just another infection, but after two full weeks of no change, I suppose it's better safe than sorry. 

Johnathon leaves in a week for Maryland. It's such a relief knowing that it will only be for 5 days. That almost seems like no big deal after what we have been through this year.
My beautiful Madelynn whom you see in these pictures decided to sneak into my bathroom last night and CUT HER OWN HAIR! I know, I freaked too! :)
Luckily she only grabbed her bangs so she actually looks pretty cute. I will be taking her to an actual hair salon soon so they can even everything out, but for now she loves it. She even thinks she looks like Dora because of the bangs.
You must be wondering what her punishment was...nothing. She got a small lecture about how we only use scissors on paper while Mommy is around and she said she was sorry. As we do with bad language, we didn't make a big deal about it in hopes that she wouldn't try it again. 

Homeschool was put on the back burner yet again due to all of the appointments and everyday stress we have been dealing with lately. I feel horrible about it, but I love that these things are possible. It's refreshing how flexible it is and how we are able to mold it to fit our daily lives. Alyssa and Allison have been filling notebooks with random three letter words that they come up with and then have each other read. They think it's a blast. I enjoy seeing that excitement in their eyes. 

We are all doing well. I'm hoping November proves to be much more relaxing than October has been. :)

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