October 7, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Pumpkin Station

Day 7: Pumpkin Station
In San Diego they have what are called Pumpkin Stations. As a Midwestern girl, I think they are just over-priced glorified pumpkin patches, but the kids know no better. So we went!
These lovely Pumpkin Stations are often located in mall parking lots and are FREE to enter.

There are small rides, bounce houses, and inflatable slides that cost $3 a child/per ride. That is $12 for ONE ride (for our family of three children). For an only child, I can see where that would be okay. For two children, alright, whatever. I'm sorry, $12 a ride just seemed silly, but we did it anyway. The girls each rode 4 rides and had a blast.

Alyssa and Allison were in love with the large inflatable slide. Madelynn, however, caused a huge traffic jam on the way up!!

Other than the price, we all had a lot of fun.

 Madelynn's favorite ride was the train. She loved ringing the bell.

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