September 14, 2012

Alyssa, my little homemaker.

Alyssa has been showing such an interest in homemaking lately and it just melts my heart.
Whether it's her wanting to assist in making dinner or asking specific questions about the dishes, laundry or taking a shower, she wants to be helping and learning how to run a home.
She has officially taken over the duty of putting groceries away and she takes it very seriously.
She will be the first to remind me to wash my hands before mixing the meatloaf.
I think I even have her remembering my homemade noodle recipe, which is 3 ingredients, but amazing for a 5 year old.
This is a picture of her sweeping the dining room floor while I made dinner. She was even wearing her apron on the off chance that I might let her help me cook.
I just find this little gal so darling and it's become something special between the two of us, choosing what to make for dinner. 

1 comment:

Shea said...

How cute! :)

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