August 31, 2012

Last 10 Days

Is it Friday already?
Johnathon had a three day weekend last week and of course another this week so we have been busy enjoying time as a family. A lot has happened over the last 10 days...or else it feels that way for me.
Alyssa hurt her ankle pretty badly on Sunday. She got her foot stuck in my bicycle wheel. It's a long story that I really don't want to get into, but she will be fine. It's not broken and it looks worse that I think it feels because I can't seem to keep her off of it. Her bruising has gone down and there was little to no swelling. She was a trooper.
Allison got her hair cut. She requested that it be shoulder length and she rocks it. Johnathon and I think she looks so grown up. Her and Alyssa are just happy that they don't look identical now. :)
School is going great. I'm not even sure great is the word to use. We are slowly getting into our groove and I can feel all of us, especially the girls, getting comfortable and enjoying it. There is nothing better than that look on their faces when something clicks and they figure something out for the first time. I love that I am able to get them to understand the way that they need to.
Just when I start to get comfortable with our curriculum, I realize a little detail that they offer that I had originally over looked. It's a great feeling watching the curriculum get harder and more complicated and yet the girls continue to thrive.
I wanted to get Alyssa the first set of BOB Books, but I think even they might be too easy for her. It's incredible the amount that she has learned over the last four weeks. So far we have gone over the letters Ff, Bb, Mm and Tt. Tonight I am going to unpack our Dr. Seuss books (yes, they are still in a box) and let her try them out. I'm a little nervous though because I know she will be able to read them and it's all just a bit overwhelming!
The one thing you will hear about Sonlight (our curriculum) is that it is good if you like to read. That's for sure. I spend 75% of our day reading to the girls. They love listening to me read chapter books and I love the fact that we are able to share that moment together. The problem is, even after all of the curriculum reading, they girls want me to read MORE. I went out last night and bought them the first two Junie B Jones books. Isn't that almost a right of passage for little girls to read them? Haha.
Life is just going really well for us. Being apart for a 18 months really makes you realize what exactly you want in life. It gives you the time to think about what you truly want to do as a family, what kind of family lifestyle you want.
This weekend I plan to get started on a dining room hutch that I bought off of craigslist for $35. I'm pretty excited about it and I can't wait to see how it turns out. I just need to remember to take 'before' pictures. I am so bad at that.

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