July 8, 2012

Living Room Tour

It's about time that I started showing you a few pictures of the new house.

I thought we could start with the living room.

What I love most about this space is it's shape. Unlike our old house, I feel like you can have a conversation with someone and not have to scream or feel like they are in a different room completely.

We also have a little 'second living space' that was meant to be the dining room. I, however, couldn't stand the thought of having a dining table with three little girls over CARPET! I would spend the majority of my day shampooing and scrubbing that darn floor. We moved our table into the kitchen and put our fish tank in there instead.

Beyond that, I have no idea what we will do with this room. We know that we want some sort of art work above the tank, but can't settle on one that we both love. I am in no hurry to purchase anything that is not 100% us.

To the left is our kitchen and to the right is our actual living room. Behind me is our coat closet, laundry room and stairs to the second level.
 Here is a view of the actual living room. I'm standing in the same spot that the last picture was taken.

Large Mirror: Home Goods
Soft Green Recliner: Home Goods
Tan Throw Pillow: Home Goods
Couch, Chair, Ottoman: La-Z-Boy
Blue Curtains: Target

Another view of the living room.

I can't even tell you how much I love this pillow. I found it at Home Goods and knew instantly that I needed it in my living room.

Here is a simply blue Mason Jar lamp that I found at a garage sale in Illinois for...wait for it, wait for it...$5.

I took some white fabric that I had on hand and dressed it up a little.

Cute, huh?!

I am madly in LOVE with these blue curtains from Target. They were $20 per panel and really make the room.

A cute little 'Family Rules' canvas that cleverly hides our security alarm on the wall.

Johnathon and I had been talking about purchasing a recliner for some time but couldn't find one that we agreed on. He wanted big, over-stuffed and comfy while I wanted clean lines and a size proportionate to our living room. We were walking through Home Goods after church last week and found this one. It has good lines AND is very comfy. I should know, I've already taken a nap in it. :)

Below is my view from the kitchen sink. I love that from that spot, I can see almost the entire lower level of the house. 

Alright, so it's nothing special at the moment and we have yet to hang any decorations and add little touches, but it's home. It's our place to be a family after months apart. It's perfect!


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