July 25, 2012

Adoption: The Beginning

Yes, you read that right!

After a lot of thought and even more prayer, Johnathon and I are finally ready to share some very exciting news with everyone.

We are beginning the long and very expensive process of domestic adoption.

I've known from a very young age that adoption was something I wanted in my future so I was thrilled when my husband would even consider it. In fact, adoption has been the topic of many conversations between the two of us over the years. It wasn't until this last year that we started talking a little more seriously. Since his return home from deployment, we have been doing our research and feel that this is what is right for our family at this time.

For those of you who do not know, a private domestic adoption process refers to the placement of U.S. born infants for adoption by their birth parents, who legally consent to the adoption with an adoptive family of their choosing.

Step One: Research. Research. Research.
I have spent hours in front of my computer over the last month or so researching the ins and outs of domestic adoption. It's a bit overwhelming, especially the financial aspect, but we are ready for the challenge and are very happy with our decision.

Step Two: Choose an agency.
We are 99% sure we have chosen the agency that will be best for us and our family. We have read through countless websites and even more information booklets and we both feel that, again, we are making the best decision for our family at this time.

Step Three: Applications and home study.
We've decided not to officially send in our application until after the first of the year. We are still adjusting to life with Johnathon home from deployment and we are taking every opportunity to enjoy our three little ladies to the fullest. We are hoping for somewhat of an easy home study process, but we understand that these things take time (months, actually) and we are okay with that.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Why are we sharing this much information so early?
That's simple...it's just who we are. I've been thinking about this for days and wondering if and when we should begin to tell our friends and family about this next chapter in our lives and I realized that I have the same feelings about this as I do with my own pregnancies. I am not one to wait the suggested 12 weeks of pregnancy before spreading the wonderful news. So, like I have with each of my pregnancies, I wanted everyone to experience this journey with us from the very beginning. I wanted my blog to be a place where other women could come for encouragement and information. Where other families could come and read about our journey and possibly walk away learning something new or simply appreciating their own journey a little more. 

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

I can't wait to begin this next chapter in our lives and I am excited to be sharing it with you.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful opportunity for some unknown child to have a healthy complete home. With a father and mother who love him/her and 3 ready made sisters!! There are and will be challenges but what a wonderful gift to give to some special child. I wish you the best and God bless you for your willingness to share love with someone you do not even know yet!!

Heather said...

I'm so EXCITED for you‼ Children are a blessing and no matter HOW they come into your life, they are always placed there by God...Good luck to you. I will keep you in my prayers that everything goes quickly and smoothly for you and your family.

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