July 26, 2012


I love spending all day in my pajamas curled up on the couch with my little ladies.

All three girls painted their own finger nails AND toe nails.

Alyssa dressed herself in red/grey pants, a green skirt and a pink shirt...then requested I take a picture of her amazing outfit.

She is now at the age where she matches her shoes to her clothes.

At the dinner table last night we were discussing how Daddy did the dishes while Mommy made dinner and how nice it was of him to help. Alyssa then chimed in and told us that she would do the dishes and her husband would cook.

Johnathon and I laughed because we could see that in her future.

Then, out of the blue, with no ideas put in her head, Allison informs everyone that she will do EVERYTHING (she was very dramatic) in her home and her husband will sit on the couch and watch his favorite show.

I literally almost choked on my food.

Don't get me wrong, I do a lot around the house, but Johnathon is a HUGE help and that is just way that our marriage works. I can see Allison's own marriage working out just the way that she said. She is very quick to help someone out and get them something that they need. She takes great pride in knowing that she has helped in some way.

I think it is so amazing how at such a young age they already know themselves so well.

We've been keeping a low profile lately and it has been nice.

The girls have been receiving a lot of mail lately...
cards from Grandma & Grandpa Stone
postcards from Great Grandma Stone
cards and coloring pages from Great Grandma Shofner and Uncle Joey.

Thank you for sending the girls a little something. They are always so tickled to open their own mail and I enjoy seeing that smile on their faces.

My girls recently seen a preview for 'Dora's Fantastic Gymnastic Adventure' and there hasn't been a quiet second in my house since.

'Can we watch it Mommy?'
'When is it on Mommy?'
'Can we take gymnastics Mommy?'
'Is it on yet?'

August can feel free to get here quickly!! :)

Allison is such a cutie!

She wakes me up every morning asking me the same question, 'Mommy can I put on my make-up?'

Bless her little heart for asking. She has her own blush, eye shadow, lip gloss and now she even has clear macara. Buying her the mascara has now put me in the coolest-mom-EVER catagory and I am enjoying that status very much. :)

The girls are growing and changing so much. It's very bitter-sweet.

Alyssa no longer wears pull-ups at night and dresses herself 90% of the time. She even combs and does her own hair. She has even been asking to help with the cooking and laundry lately and that just makes my day.

That's enough for now.

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Sarah said...

Your girls are so precious! The things they say are so cute too! :)

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