March 13, 2012

Where has time gone?

It's the middle of March. A large part of myself is happy and excited to see the days slipping by so quickly. Obviously it means that we are that much closer to moving and being a family again. As great as that is, I'm also having a hard time with it. I feel as though this is the time that I have waited for all year sisters bridal shower/wedding, packing up the apartment, making plans to move, quiting my job, being prepared. :( It just came so quickly and now I am sad that everything in Illinois is coming to an end and I will soon be saying good-bye to so many friends and family.

Alyssa & Allison joined me at Flat Top Grill for dinner.

Without going into too much detail, Johnathon is in port and was able to not only call, but Skype. To try and explain how that felt, is impossible. For 60 whole minutes we laughed, talked, caught each other up on life and enjoyed feeling like we were all in one room.

He is in a very bad and dangerous part of the world and your prayers are greatly appreciated. My heart just aches for him and everything that he is witnessing and experiencing. I just pray that it doesn't change him too much and that when I look into his eyes, he is still the same goofy, hilarious and kind hearted man that left months ago.

Madelynn at the park.

The pictures in this post are just a few that I have sent to Johnathon throughout his deployment. I try to send at least one a day so he can see the girls grow and change.

Speaking of change...Madelynn is almost 100% potty trained and she did it ON HER OWN. Seriously folks, if anything I was trying NOT to get her potty trained so she would wear a diaper on our long road trip to California. That didn't work too well, I guess. One day she asked if she could go potty on the toilet and I said yes. Somehow this became a trend and before I knew it, I started noticing dry diapers in the bathroom trash can. I let Madelynn run around all day without a diaper and NOT ONE ACCIDENT. The rest is history. At this point, she gets upset if she has to wear a diaper/pull-up during the day but will wear one at night...and wake up DRY! Haha...I'm not kidding!!

Alyssa looking a little too grown-up.
 I'm trying to start packing and have actually gotten a decent amount done, but I'm still in denial that it is all happening so quickly. Every time I go to pack something I think, 'I can't pack that, I'll need it.'

Our weekly trip to Target.
 Alyssa and Allison are doing good with their dance class. They missed their lesson last week so I took them to a make-up class. This particular class is much larger than theirs and seemed to have girls who are a little older. It's a 4-5 year old group and I would bet that 90% of these girls were 5. One of the girls was originally in the Thursday class with the twins and there were a few issues causing the mother to switch her daughter to a different day. Long story short, this girl was upset that the twins were there and said, 'I switched classes to get away with these girls. Why are they here?' Then she told another little girl not to talk to them.

Ugh...I never expected this kind of bullying at such a young age.
Alyssa looking adorable.
 Madelynn is 29 months old and I just went and got her birth certificate today. I'm such a slacker, I know!! Now I can hopefully get all of the housing details worked out for our new house. I'll be happy when we are all moved in and this drama is behind me.
Allison giving a big smile for her daddy.
 For weeks I have been trying to talk my husband into letting me paint one wall in each of the rooms in our new place. He thinks that it isn't worth the hassle since we will have to paint over it when we move, but essentially he will do whatever makes me happy. Well, worry no more! I have found the most amazing wall treatment and I can't wait to share it with all of you. It is the PERFECT solution for crafty women who rent their home but can't stand being trapped in boring white walls. You will love it!
Allison after her first little surgery.
 I don't talk about her much, but I have the most amazing best friend. We don't live close to one another so our conversations are mostly through texts or Facebook and every once and awhile (not nearly as often as we should) we finally pick up the phone and have a gab fest. She is smart, kind and always knows what to say. I love how when I am having a bad day, even without knowing it, she sends the perfect text at the perfect she just knows. There is no jealousy. There is no pressure. We understand that we aren't the type of friends who 'do lunch' or spend the afternoon shopping and planning parties, that will never be. We know that new friends will come and go, but never feel threatened that it will take away from what we have. Weeks can go by with no communication and we, without any hurt feelings, we can pick right back up where we were.

I feel so blessed to have her in my life and I just want her to know that she has been such a rock for me and I appreciate it.
Oh, Madelynn Jane!

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