March 2, 2012


Can I say just apologize now for the serious lack of proof reading that was done with my last post. Haha. I was shocked when I went back to read it and there were countless grammar and spelling errors. I guess that is what happens when your mind is really off doing it's own thing. :)

I am simply speechless when I look at these pictures of my babies.

I couldn't be more proud of my girls and their improvement with their school work. We have taken a step back from their curriculum (mainly because I packed it already) and have chosen to finish the year with simple workbooks and projects that I have found on my own.

Just to keep everyone updated...
They are spelling/writing their name with ease.
We are starting to sound out small sight words.
I am beginning to explain math and how it works.

They are just doing fabulously!!

 Johnathon took his E-6 test the other day.

I have no doubt in my mind that he passed his test with little error. I just hope and pray that they are advancing more than one person, which was the situation last time. It's just so hard to watch him work and study so hard for almost nothing.

I decided at the last minute to read 'The Hunger Games'. I've only read a few pages, but love it already. I can't wait for the movie to come out this month.

The girls had dance last night. Madelynn and I spent our hour with Nana and a little girl-talk. Next week is a busy week for us, but I am thankful for those weeks. I love looking back and wondering where the time has gone.
Through-out the last year I have repeated the saying, 'One day at a time.' to myself over and over again. It seems to do the trick.


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