March 1, 2012

Oh, Madelynn

As much as I try to pretend that it isn't happening, my little Madster is growing up.


She is silly and has more personality than you could imagine.

She loves to talk, sing and light up a room.

She an ornery little thing who has the cutest laugh.

One of my favorite things about Madelynn is that she loves to cuddle. From the day she was born, she loves nothing more than a good snuggle with her Momma!

She loves to sing and lately 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' is her favorite.

She is watching her sisters so closely and mastering all of their little motions and's precious to watch.

Every night we lay in bed and talk about her Daddy. Where he is and what we think he is doing. Then she kisses all of her stuffed animals and babies, leaving the Elmo that he got her for last. Finally we tell him good-night and send kisses into the air.

For the most part, we are all doing fine. It's easiest to just take one day at a time.


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