February 9, 2012

Madelynn's Big Girl Bedroom

As I type this Alyssa is braiding my hair.

Anyway, I've been busy planning what I want to do with Madelynn's big girl bedroom when we move this Summer and I think I have got a good idea.

1. I am in love with the quilt in this picture. I was looking for something yellow and I love how it is reversible and the other side has so many colors to pull from.

2. Instead of a headboard, I think we will do curtains at the head of her bed. It's the perfect combination of headboard/canopy.

3. I love the 'S', but obviously an 'M', and even the boxes on either side. The dresser is cute too. :) 

4. I just couldn't do her room without a few ruffles and I found a tutorial on how to make a ruffle throw to place at the foot of her bed, mainly for looks. I'm thinking of making the ruffles

As long as I can find the right font for my Cricut, I want to put this saying above her bed between the curtains. It is exactly like our bedtime routine with her, except I sometimes sing instead of read. I love those 15 minutes I get with just her each night.

1. I plan on making a ribbon wreath for both Madelynn's bedroom door as well as for her big sisters. The ribbon colors will match her bedding.

2. I found this gem on Amazon.com and instantly fell in love.

3. Madelynn's bed will be full of fun pillows like this one. I love this color!!

4. Also above her bed, in the center of the curtains, will be these pom poms hung at different heights.

I'm pretty excited to start this new journey.

It seems to be what I look forward to and helps to make the days go by a little faster.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sarah....you are just so creative. I love everything you post. I wish I had the time and creativeness to do the things I have seen you do!

Maybe one day!

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