February 8, 2012

Illinois Apartment: Bathroom

Now that we officially know where we are going and when, I figured it was finally time to share a few pictures of where we have been living for the past year or so. When I said recently that it was the size of a sardine can, I wasn't lying. It's a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment with an average sized living room and tiny kitchen.

Why did I choose this place if it is so small?

With what was available at the time, this was the best for us. It has a garage where I could store my extra belongings and my own laundry room. Those were two deal breakers for me!!

Keep in mind while looking at the pictures that I have always known this was going to be a temporary living situation and never fully decorated or unpacked. :)

Here is my bathroom...

This is one view from the hallway. You can see ONE of the girls' hairbow holders in this one. I took a simple frame that I found at a thrift store and painted it light blue. Then I took chicken wire and stapled it to the back of the frame. Now we can stick their bows anywhere on the frame!! This is about 1/4 of their bows...sad, I know!

This is the other view from the hallway. In this photo you can see the shelves above the toilet. This is just something simple that I bought at Wal-Mart shortly after I moved it. It came with doors, but I chose not to use them.

My shower curtain is from Target. It looks hideous in the package and I looked over it countless times, but when I saw it hanging up in the store I knew it was perfect. I love it!! 

Note: I did NOT clean my mirrors for these pictures. Don't judge! :)

I bought this star at a garage sale a few years ago for $1.

The purple basket on top of my white shelves is where I keep the girls' bath toys and the tub next to it is where I stash new bows that I make when I want to keep them nice or save them for a special occasion/picture.

The next shelf is where I keep things that I do not want the girls to get into. It's also the only place where I can keep my tall items, like hairspray.

The third shelf is my shelf. I keep some of my hair items and seldomly used items in that tan carrying case. My make-up and bobby pins are kept in the little organzing thing, also from Target.

The bottom shelf is mainly where I keep the girls' other hair supplies. The pink sparkly case is where they keep their make-up (aka: clear mascara, clear lip gloss, pale pink eye shadow).

Allison snuck in while I was taking the pictures. So silly!

Behing the door is where I keep the girls' hooded towels. They each have their own (Madelynn's was getting washed at the time.) and they are placed on Command hooks. I have fallen head-over-heals in love wiht Command hooks since Christmas. I use them for EVERYTHING!!

Well, that's it for the bathroom!

I hope you all enjoyed a glimps inside of my home.

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