February 9, 2012

Alyssa had a special day with her Grandma a couple of afternoons ago. I was able to take my other two little ladies out for the day.

We started with a trip to the plastic surgeons office to get Allison's stitches removed.

Except they weren't. He said to rub her birthmark each morning and they would go away.

Umm, okay then.

We went shopping.

Had a late breakfast at the Target deli.

We even dropped by my grandma's house on our way home.

Allison played games on the computer with Uncle Joey.

Madelynn carried around her current best friend, Dora.

She even took a second to pose with her great-grandma!!

Then we headed into town and had lunch with Nana.

I picked my niece, Emma, up from school.

Look at that smile. Can you tell that she is 7 and loosing a different tooth everyday?!

It was a great day.

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