January 9, 2012

Oh, Madelynn!

I was feeling a little selfish as I was editing my pictures tonight.

I mean, have you ever seen such a cute little pair of chubby delicious cheeks?

I didn't think so.

 She is such a doll and is always posing for the camera! She's mastered her best smile and a million different funny faces.

She's been helping me pick out her clothes each morning (I give her two options to choose from) and she always requests a matching bow for the day.

Out of all three girls, she is the best to cuddle/snuggle with. She seems to know just the right way to wiggle her face right into my neck as she wraps her around me.

 She talks and asks about her daddy everyday and even sleeps with his picture by her side.

She's my baby, even if she isn't such a baby anymore!

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