January 5, 2012


The girls had dance tonight. That always makes the day go by so fast. I dropped them off at the studio and hurried off to meet my mom for dinner. We really look forward to those 60 minutes of peace where we are able to talk and just unwind. According to their dance teacher, who I am sure was being a little nice, the girls were somewhat behaved today. That always makes me feel better seeing as how I know just how ornery they can be.

.  .  .  .  .

Just when I think that I am doing good and handling the deployment well, I get into these ruts of sadness. Don't worry, I'm not sitting here writing through my tears or anything. :) It just gets overwhelming. On most days I think to myself, "How will I make it through the day without him?" and then I realize I have months left and I get sad. Johnathon and I have literally been apart the same amount of time that we have been together.

I like to think that we have mastered the whole long-distance thing, but it's not really something I like to brag about. I mean, who wants to have mastered that? It's been over a week since I had an actual conversation with him and even that was short and all business. The girls sleep with his picture each night and still get a 'kiss from Daddy' (Hershey kiss) before bed.

.  .  .  .  .

I'm addicted to Pintereset. I can't resist.

It gives me so many ideas. I only wish I had the time to do most of them.

I work with a girl who everyone claims is my long lost twin, or my older sister at the very least. Here is a picture of us at our Christmas party this year...you be the judge!


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