January 15, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I am having the best Sunday afternoon with my little ladies.

They just came home from Johnathon's parents house where they spent two days resting and getting better while I worked. Each of them seems to be 100 times better than the last time I saw them, which makes this momma very happy.


I just had to explain to my 4 year old daughter (ahem, ALLISON) that I would not apologize for 'asking her to do things'.

Me: Alyssa, will you hand me my phone off of the couch please?
(I was holding a basket full of laundry that I needed to take to the garage, where our laundry room is, and I have learned the hard way not to walk out of the door without my cell phone because there is a LARGE chance I may get locked out by my kids!)

Allison: No. Why do you always ask us to do stuff for you?
(Notice how I asked Alyssa and it was Allison who gave me her opinion?)

Me: Allison Leanne! Did mommy ask you to help me fill this laundry basket?

Allison: No.

Me: Did I ask you to help me take it to the laundry room? Switch laundry over? Fold Laundry? Clean the living room? Do the dishes? Change your sisters diaper? Make my bed? Vacuum? Or cook? I didn't think so.

Allison: But you made me put my shoes away and hang my coat up. You also told me to put my sock with my shoes and take my toys to my room.

Me: Hahaha. Get used to it sweetheart. I don't raise lazy slobs and you WILL pick up after yourself. I will not apologize for not wanting to clean up your messes and asking you to do it yourself.

Some life lessons were learned today!!

We are going to see Beauty and the Beast in theaters tomorrow and I think I am more excited than the girls!


I love the ages of my girls and I am so glad that we had them so close together. They play so well and I never feel like one girl is left out too often.


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