January 14, 2012

Who I Am

I'm sure everyone is bored with all of my military talk lately, but it's my life and always on my mind.

On one hand I am constantly thinking of Johnathon's homecoming and the excitement that we will feel to be a family again. And then there is the stress and anxiety of picking new orders. I often feel like I live a double life. I have my military, stay-at-home mom life; then I have my single parent, civilian life. Regardless of where I am living or how many miles there are separating me from my husband, there are a few things that stay the same...

1. I still have numerous colorful moving tags on much of my furniture even though I moved a year ago.

2. In 6 months I will be moving again. It will be my 4th move and 4th house in 6 short years....which doesn't even seem possible.

3. I've learned that a month long separation is short and no matter how often women complain about missing their boyfriends every other weekend, they could never walk in my shoes.

4. I think back to all the welcome home banners I would see in our neighborhood and wonder, 'What will ours say?'

5. When my old cell phone broke (thanks Madelynn), it wasn't the pictures, videos or contacts that I was upset about losing. It was my saved voicemail from Johnathon that said but four words, "I love you, beautiful.' Now I have nothing to listen to when it's been weeks since I have heard his voice.

6. I've learned the hard way that nothing is final until it is happening.

7. I can spit out Johnathon's SNN, date of birth, and all other important information in an instant, but I often have to write down my own before making an important call or else I will either forget or mix-up the two.

8. Despite the number of moves we have made over the years, there still seems to be three boxes that NEVER get unpacked.

9. Those three boxes mainly consist of childhood yearbooks and countless curtains that have accumulated over the years and fit a wide span if window sizes.

10. I still refer to all of Johnathon's friends by there last name...and no one holds it against me when I don't know their first name.

11. I still cannot sit through the playing of our National Anthem without crying.

12. The doctor who a) told me I was pregnant, b) seen me throughout my pregnancy, c) monitored me during my bed rest in the hospital, and d) delivered my twins were FOUR DIFFERENT PEOPLE and I never flinched.
*If you want to get really technical, two different doctors delivered each of the twins making it a total of 5 different doctors!!

13. I wasn't the least bit freaked out when my OBGYN came in the room wearing her NWU's and said 'relax your knees'. :) And when she literally yelled at me for the way I sat up (at 7 months pregnant with twins, yes, that matters!) I quickly said, 'Yes, M'am. I'm sorry.'

14. I keep my phone with me at all times and when it rings from across the room, you better stand clear or prepare to be tackled. No one stands in the way of me talking to my man!! :)

15. I look forward to spending my anniversary with my husband this Summer for the second time in our 6 year marriage.

Each of these things makes me who I am and is a large part of my life.

I will be looking into purchasing a banner for Johnathon's homecoming. I've gotten a few recomindations already, but if you have any input/advice for where to buy one then please let me know!

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