January 17, 2012

Just Another Post...

I'm not sure how or when it happened, but when I looked at these pictures I about started crying. Where have my little girls gone? And when did they become these adorable little ladies?

Just look at how grown-up they have become!

More and more frequently I am getting asked if the girls are triplets. I think everyone is crazy, but at one point I was also asked if the girls were boy/girls twins so I guess I'll get used to this too. At least people have stopped assuming that it's their business to know the details of their birth. I do not miss playing the 10,000 question game with a stranger. :)

I'm hoping Johnathon is able to call today. It's been about a week since we talked last and it would be nice to hear his voice. The girls haven't talked to him in about month because they are always in bed when he calls, so it would be nice for them to talk to him as well. They sure do miss their daddy.

I know, it's a tad pathetic, but I have had my eye on a few items that I re pinned on Pinterest. Well, yesterday I made a trip to Hobby Lobby with the intent to buy a few things for my laundry room. I found EVERYTHING I was looking for. It was insane! To top it all off, every single item I purchased was at least 50% OFF.


One of my favorite things to do with the girls, especially Alyssa, is to talk about our new house this Summer, having daddy home, the things that we will do. The future is very important to her and she likes to know that things will soon be back to the way they were. She tells me the things that she misses the most about daddy and what she hopes to have in her new bedroom. She tells me where she wants to go on field trips and what characters she wants on her swimsuits. We talk about going to the ocean, whatever ocean they send us to, and building sand castles.

I can't help but smile when Alyssa and Allison come up to me and start having a very serious conversation. The look on their faces and the tone in their voice lets me know to acknowledge them and hide the huge smile that is starting to surface on my face. They won't find it funny that I think they are simply precious and blooming into beautiful young ladies.


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