January 4, 2012

My {not so} Little Ladies

I can't get over how grown up my little ladies are starting to look.

Aren't their new glasses just adorable on them?

If you can't tell, wearing their hair down is the new 'thing' this month!

Madelynn is still rockin' her big bows. I actually made her a shirt yesterday that says,

the BETTER the MOMMA!'

I thought it was fabulous and I plan on pairing with a huge bow made of 3inch ribbon!! :)

I am stressed to the max just thinking about picking new orders. You see, you are only given so many months to pick your orders and each month there are only so many options to choose from. It then becomes a battle of 'do we pick these orders because we don't want to be stuck with those orders.' Or do we hold out and wait for the perfect orders and risk being stuck with something over seas? It's a challenge and one that I do not take lightly. This is our life...four long years of our life actually and I just want to be happy. There are so many variables and steps along the way. I feel like it's always hurry up and wait. Hurry up to think of all your options and make a decision just to wait forever for someone to respond back and turn you down.

Are you exhausted too just hearing about it? Imagine how I feel.

Especially since the communication between my husband and I is few and far between.

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