November 13, 2011

The Last Few Weeks

I must be the worst mommy blogger ever considering it has been ages since my last blog post. At least my reasons for it also make me the best mommy ever. Let me explain!

The last month has been a whirlwind of craziness, traveling, emotions and good-byes.

In the middle of October, I took two weeks off of work and flew, by myself, to California to spend 7 days with Johnathon. We stayed in a friend's guest house the majority of the time and spent our evenings doing all kinds of unplanned activities. We spent the weekend in LA and I took Johnathon to Six Flags for the first time in his adult life. We had a blast making plans in a split second and must have seen a different movie every day. The weather was nice and I felt right at home among the palm trees. :)

It was a long drive home that included being caught in one of the scariest storms of my life. We were passing through the state of Oklahoma when the skies went from nothing by sun to pure darkness in a matter of seconds. It was a challenge to see even a few yards in front of the vehicle. We hadn't even begun to think of what to do or where to stop when it started to hail. 3.75 inch hail to be exact and it didn't let up for nearly 45 minutes. Long story short, we literally thought the car was going to blow away and it was by far the scariest moment of my life so far.

Shortly after arriving in Illinois we celebrated Madelynn's 2nd birthday with a Mickey Mouse themed party. We waited two weeks to have her party so that her daddy could attend and it was well worth the wait.

Johnathon only had three days in Illinois so we did our best to make the days as long and enjoyable as possible but that is nearly impossible when you know what is coming. He and I left for the airport while the girls were still sleeping to try and make it easier on everyone. The girls seemed somewhat untroubled by his sudden departure. We had talked to them daily and they knew that it was coming so it was no shock.

Since he has been gone the twins' have had their well-child check-ups and they are weighing in at 29 and 30 pounds. (Madelynn was close behind at 27 pounds.) All three girls (Madelynn had her appointment while Johnathon was home) received 5-6 shots (including their flu shot) plus had blood drawn. That was an experience of a lifetime. The older girls were literally hiding under chairs and screaming by the time we went to get their blood drawn. There is a HUGE negative with the fact that they must always watch each other get shots before getting their own.

-We met with a plastic surgeon to see about getting Allison's birthmark removed from her arm.
-Tomorrow the girls will get their eyes checked and Allison will more than likely be getting an eye patch or glasses.
-Next week both girls are getting their ear cleaned out and their hearing checked.

Anyone exhausted yet? I sure am!

On top of everything else, the heat went out in my truck. YIKES! That made driving in the recent 40 degree weather with three children very difficult. I took the Explorer in to get fixed when they informed me it would cost almost $1,200 to get it fixed. Well, that on top of the new tires I was needing to get put on, the oil that needed changed and a few other little things that needed to be done. I didn't care enough to worry about it all so I made a few phone calls and my amazing husband (from 3000 miles away) worked everything out so I could go test drive a few vehicles. That was on Friday. Tomorrow (Monday) I will be heading to the dealership to pick up my *new to me* 07 Jeep Liberty. I am so excited and just hope that everything goes smoothly considering Johnathon won't be there with me and he leaves for deployment first thing in the morning.

Yep, he leaves in the morning. I am upset, but for me, the deployment started a few weeks ago when we said good-bye at the airport. I am just 100% ready for this deployment to be over and for him to be home again.

The girls are still doing well at dance class and they are as ornery as ever. Madelynn is singing and talking so much lately and I love her so much!!

I have decided to slow down and stop doing so much of our schooling from our curriculum books and instead learn some life lessons and basics. I have noticed that one child is clearly learning at a must quickly rate than her sister and considering how young they are, we have no reason to continue at such a speed. My plan is to take our time and work at our own of the many perks of homeschooling!!

My computer is still broken so please do not hold your breath until the next post, you may be sorry!! xoxo

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