September 8, 2011

Learning Room 2011-2012

I figured that it was long over due to share pictures of our learning room. It's not huge...or anything special, but it's OUR learning room and I am thankful that I am even able to homeschool my girls. Our little space is more than enough for what we need. it is!

These are the posters that hang above where the girls sit. It's a quick reference when needed and they love to practice their sign language when we are switching subjects.

Here are a few of our school books that came with the curriculum. The majority of the larger books (example: encyclapedia) are over on my desk (aka: kitchen table) because we use them on a daily basis.

The girls' desks fit perfectly in the space between our fridge and the wall. There is even a ledge along the wall that I use for storage...coloring books, crayons, math shapes, fun tale books, school books and radio. Our reading program has me teaching the girls one letter a week for six weeks before we review. I put each letter (both capital and lower case) on a blue star and placed them right where the girls could see them.

Allison is on the left and Alyssa is on the right.
(that is what they chose)

We don't keep much in their desks at this point. We mainly only use their dry erase boards anyway so it's not a big deal.

A few of my other pictures wouldn't upload correctly so I am a little bummed, but you get the idea.

We are at the end of our 3rd week and everything is going fabulously.

We have learned the letters Ff, Bb, and Mm so far along with many many other things about the weather, animals, living long ago, days of the week, months of the year and days in the month.

It's definetly a lot and more than I would think a child their age could understand, but they are doing amazing and picking up on everything very quickly. 

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Tomorrow is a big day!!

The girls will be attending their first dance class in the evening and they are both very excited. We went tonight to get them fitted for new ballet and tap shoes (they will be doing jazz in their ballet shoes this year). It was a ver exciting moment for them and they sat on the little bench with their arms around each other. They even told the lady that they were each others best friend. When the lady asked them who was older they each gave her a puzzled look and said, 'You silly goose, we are twins! We came out at the same time.' :)

While we were there, I let the girls pick out a second leotard for class since I thought one a piece just wouldn't be enough considering how much they love their first one and never want to take it off. After begging them to get the simple black one that we could accessorize with a skirt, shorts or nothing at all, they settled on the pink/purple leotards with the big tu-tu attached. Don't get me wrong, they are adorable!! I just think that they are going to be sersiously over-the-top. haha. I figure, they are only 4 years old and I want to make this fun for them. Why not?!

As the girls were getting fitted, Alyssa wouldn't stop telling me how much she didn't like her new tap shoes. She was basically begging me to take them off of her and trying to explain that she didn't want to take tap anymore. The lady told me to have her walk into the bathroom and see how much she didn't want to take tap. After one step on the bathroom floor, Alyssa's feet went crazy as she yelled out how much fun tomorrow was going to be. Those are now the shoes that she is looking forward to using the most.

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You're "classroom" looks wonderful! Very fun room to learn in!
My youngest daughter took tap, jazz, and ballet for a few months. Tap was her favorite also.

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