September 14, 2011


i am at my mom's on my lunch break and just laid all three girls down for their nap. i figured it was a good time to update everyone and what we have been doing to stay busy.

first, though, i must point out that water was spilt on the keyboard last week and i am unable to use the 'shift' key. that means no capitalization or question marks.

my mom finished her chemo on the 3rd of June just to find out that she starts her second round of chemo on the 27th. that was a hard thing to swallow after everything that she has been through. we were excited to put this chapter behind us and be able to say that 'we beat chemo'. she had made it through with flying colors and handled it very well. now she must put on her brave face and start the process all over again. my heart aches for her.

i guess if you're trying to look on the bright side of things then you will like to know that the medicine this time around is a little more mild than the first and will only last 1-2 hours each session. BUT...she will now need to go in weekly for her treatments instead of once every 3 weeks. that will be a huge adjustment. her hair is nearly completely gone, but she had been bold in deciding not to cut it. i think it's a mental thing for her and i support her with every decision that she makes. i told her a few weeks ago that i only want what makes her happy and if that means her sporting a semi-bald head around town than so be it. i personally don't care what anyone has to say on the matter. i am here to support my mom and if someone has a problem with it or a statement about the way that she looks or the choices she is making then i would like for them to spend one day in her shoes and then they can tell me how they feel. i think we are getting to the point now where she is considering shaving the rest off. she has scarves, hats, wigs, you name's just a matter of her being ready to make the jump.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

how is homeschool going...

AMAZING. we are in our 4th week now and learning about the letter T. of course we learn about other things too, but at the end of the day my number one goal this year is to get the girls reading. if that is all we can accomplish by may, i will be thrilled. i am anxious to see how they do in math, but we won't start that for a few more weeks. i must say, i am very happy with the math program that we will be using. i have hard only wonderful things about it and while looking it over, i was impressed.

i must admit that we spend a large portion of our days just browsing through animal encyclopedias and books about butterflies, frogs, lions, whales...everything. i really love how i can take what is in the curriculum and alter it to fit our days needs and schedule. i can skip some topics and go over them in a few weeks. i can come up with new topics on my own and include them in our days work. it's been such a blessing.

i hate to sound snotty, but i just can't imagine NOT doing homeschool. the idea of sending my kids to public school seems so foreign to me even after only 4 weeks. i know the day will come when we may need to send them to a public or private school, and that will be okay, but i am so in love with our choice to homeschool our children.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  .

My mother-in-law called and got me side tracked for a bit and then I had to head to work so this post is a little late...oops!

It's currently Wednesday night and I just put Madelynn to bed. The twins are coloring quietly in the learning room before we start their bedtime routine. Tomorrow is their second day of dance class and I can't even explain the excitement that is happening in our house. The girls' dance teacher, Ms. Kim, is just fabulous with the girls and Alyssa and Allison have been non-stop about her since we left the studio.

Not being able to call or talk to Johnathon is starting to take it's toll on me. My days seem to be getting longer and truly exciting moments are coming few and far in between. I understand that I need to pull myself together and get over it...there are many more months ahead of us, but it's hard. I am entitled to that, right? I am going to do my best not to complain and whine constantly over the next few months, I just need to acknowledge the way that I am feeling sometimes.

Well, the girls are in the other room talking about liking boys and the names of their boyfriends. That is my que to go....


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