August 4, 2011


Madelynn typically wakes up around 8-8:30am wanting a sippy refill and cereal. I have waited so long for this little monster to sleep in past 6am. On top of getting some extra sleep, she places her head on my pillow so our noses touch and puts both of her hands on my cheeks while she screams into my face and starts to giggle.

Almost as fast as I can change her diaper, she runs to the girls' bedroom door and knocks to her hearts content. She sure loves them!!

Depending on what day it is and when I have to work, we either start coloring, cooking, cleaning, and playing....or we head to Nana's. Today we head to Nana's!!

After work I go to Nana's too and we all swim.

Yesterday Alyssa was unstoppable. She was jumping in, swimming and putting her whole head under the water while blowing out of her nose.

After swimming and a quick shower, it's to our house we go!!

Dinner, jammies, bed night snacks and hugs take longer than you think with three kids so it's early to bed!!

Madelynn sleeps in her own little toddler bed in my bedroom....unless I am a softy and let her sleep with me. It really is a 50/50 on that.

Who could seriously turn down the opportunity to snuggle with her?

I am about 90% finished with Alyssa's Halloween costume, 50% with Madelynn's and I haven't even started on Allison's.

I WILL get them finished by Halloween! I WILL get them finished by Halloween. I WILL get them finished by Halloween.

I hope! :)

Happy Thursday, ya'll.

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