August 5, 2011

Being 'Fabulous'

I just had to share some of our latest pictures with you all. They were just too precious not to.

While taking the girls' picture, I normally say 'be fabulous' as I am snapping away and the girls will smile and pose for me. Lately, however, they are really getting into it. See...

This is my little Allison in her mini skirt and cowboy boots. This is her outfit of choice on most days. Please ignore their messy faces. These were taken in the afternoon after a night of trying on mommy's make-up and pizza for lunch.
Then we have little miss Alyssa. She is a tad more dramatic than her sister, but just as adorable!!

Yes, they picked out their own clothes, shoes and hair styles (done by Emma).

I think they are both so used to me asking for a 'kiss picture' that they now do it on their own.

love it!

Best Friends!!


And we HAD to do a picture with Emma who is basically their big sister as of late.

Couldn't you just gobble them all up?

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