August 3, 2011

Little Ladies

It melts my heart to see my little girls wanting to help me so much in the kitchen and around the house. They ask me daily what we are having for dinner and if they can help cook/prepare it. If my reply is no, then they immediately follow up with "Well, how old do I have to be before I can help you with that?".

Love it!

I'm also so in love with Allison and her posing lately. It's either a pop of the hip or a cross of the leg. And is it just me or are these girls looking more and more like their Daddy everyday?

We've been chowing down on these bad boys for the last two days.


I'm getting a little anxious. We should find out where Johnathon's next duty station will be in the next few months. This is HUGE for us. Will we be close to family? Thousands of miles away? Will it be somewhere where Johnathon can get assigned to a ship next so we can eliminate another move? Will I have friends near by?

As much as these thoughts fill my mind, I just can't get over the fact that we will be a family again. That is what makes all of this worth it.

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