August 30, 2011

Read. Now. Pleaseandthankyou!

Disclaimer: The countdown at the top of the blog is a vague idea of how long we have left until Johnathon is home. Because I not only have no idea when his ship will actually pull in and the fact that I couldn't share that information regardless, I used Alyssa and Allison's birthday as a reference point. So, my friends, that countdown is indeed a countdown for the twins' 5th birthday that we are using as a guide for when we expect Daddy to make his appearance next Summer. I would appreciate it if no one shoved OPSEC in my face...we're good! :)


Now that we got that out of the way. :) My mom agreed to keep Madelynn tonight so I could spend a little extra time with my big 4 year old princesses. We busted out the sleeping bags and popped a bag of popcorn as we watched our rented MaryKate and Ashley movies together. The girls took a 30 minute bath followed by brushing their own hair and even brushing their teeth with their new 'big girl' toothbrushes. They are currently watching the Lion King and eating a bednight snack so we can head to bed and snuggle...they are sleeping with me tonight...for the second time EVER...wish me luck. haha.

I'm on a roll with blogging lately and I really hope that I can keep up with it like I used to. I miss my daily unwind and journaling of our life. I know that Johnathon is able to read my posts while he is out to sea and I love that this is a way that I can keep him updated on his little ladies.


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