August 30, 2011

Counting the Days

I feel as though I am always counting the days...

...until Johnathon leaves for deployment.

...until he is able to call from his first port.

...until the deployment is over.

...until we are a family again.

...until we find out where we will be relocated to.

...until moving day.

...until this.

...until that.

It's just frustrating and I have a hard time living in the moment. My mind is always on what is next and not what is happening right now!! My goal while Johnathon is away: learn to not put so much attention on what is yet to be and learn to live in the moment. I want to enjoy this chapter of our lives and remember all of the fun moments.

Madelynn is sitting next to me eating a rice krispy treat (aka: mommy snack) and I can't help but think about how in just over a month she will be 2. What?! I know parents say it all the time, but I feel like it was just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. The last two years have gone by incredibly too fast.

I opted to not do any school this morning and wait until later this evening. I think we all needed a little change at this keep it fresh and exciting. I don't want the girls (or I) to get too bored.

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