August 2, 2011

Myself Again

Sometimes I feel like I am living a double life.

I have my life in California where I am nothing more than a stay-at-home mom to my beautiful girls. I cook, clean and plan fun outings for our family. I am my husbands number one supporter and I spend a huge chunk of my day taking the kids to the park and playing outside.

As fabulous as that life is, it gives me a lot of down time to miss my family and friends in Illinois.

Then I have my Illinois life. It's a fast pace life where I hardly have time to sit down, let alone clean or cook a meal for my family. My husband is gone so I am not only missing him, but picking up his normal duties in our family. I am no longer a stay-at-home mom, but working 5 days of the week. I have family dinners, school recitals, and everything else under the moon.

I feel like I live a double life and want nothing more than to have my two lives combine. It's been a rough journey of finding myself and my new role as a single working parent while Johnathon is away.

After work today, I really focused on my girls and some housework. I had a few family members over for dinner and finished up with homemade rice krispy treats. It was wonderful!!

I really feel like I am gaining a little bit of my 'California life' back. I feel as though I am making things work and figuring out our new 'normal'.

I am feeling like myself again.

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