August 15, 2011

Indianapolis Children's Museum

I have somehow finally found five free minutes to update everyone on our trip to Indiana and the Indianapolis Children's Museum. After a field trip to the museum myself in the 5th grade, I knew it was somewhere I would one day take my own children. I decided it was the perfect place for our 'start of the year field trip' as the girls are starting kindergarten next week.

We were up and on the road by 8am and made our way to Indiana. Here are the girls and I in front of the Indiana state sign. Alyssa is in the blue and Allison is in the purple.

We arrived at the perfect moment and scored ourselves the last few tickets to the Elmo & Big Bird's 'One World One Sky' in the planetarium. It worked out amazingly because we were offered first seating options due to my mom being in a wheel chair. It all worked out so well.

The girls loved it and talked about it for the rest of the day.

We dug around like archaeologists.

We stopped for lunch in their food court. Can I just say 'WOW'!! Their selection of healthy food was astounding!! Both of my girls know exactly what they want to eat and it always seems to be completely different. We were able to find everything they wanted and didn't break the bank because of it.

By far the biggest hit of the day was the Barbie area. There were so many dolls to look at and we were even lucky enough to be a part of their amazing fashion show. If you were able to score tickets, they were letting the little girls try on extravagant outfits, apply make-up and do up their hair. They got classes on how to walk the runway and then they showed us all their skills. It was just darling and we had the best time. I'm sure this is something that we will be talking about for years.

Work it, girls!!

I have more pictures to share, but not enough time. More later.


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Looks like so much fun!
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