August 7, 2011


We woke up bright an early this morning to make the drive to Indiana so my mom and I could take the twins and two of my nieces to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Here are Alyssa and Allison with Dora and Boots.

After we left the museum, we drove until we saw a hotel that we liked and stopped. I love that we planned very little of this trip. It has made for a fun and relaxing time with the girls that I love the most.

We ordered pizza to our hotel room (which the girls thought was awesome) and finished the night off by swimming.

*A little off topic, but Alyssa is seriously a great swimmer. She still wears a vest and arm floats, but she is putting her whole head under water and swimming long distances. I'm so proud of her!!

Everyone is just settling into bed while I edit our photos and enjoy a nice cup of hot tea in a quiet room.

Tomorrow we are eating breakfast and doing a little shopping before we head for home. Lunch will probably be wherever we want, whenever we think it is time. :)



Jill said...

love your blog...just found you from Multiples and more blog hop! :)

we have 3 girls, too! i'm your newest follower :)


Andrea said...

Hi there! Stopping by from M&M. First let me say your girls are gorgeous! Love that you are making all 3 of their Halloween costumes! I just ordered for my two! :) I wish I had the talent to make go mommy!! :) I also amire all you do alone while your husband serves the country! I appreciate all he does! I hope he comes home soon!

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