August 21, 2011

First Day Jitters

Posters have been hung.

Desks have been organized.

Pencils have been sharpened.

Backpacks are ready to be filled.

I just got done reading 'T'was The Night Before Kindergarten' to the girls as I tucked them into bed. They are very excited to wake up tomorrow and see what I have in store for them. I sure hope I don't let them down.

Honestly, I have no doubt that they will love it.

. . . . . .

I got a strange phone call around midnight last night. The worst thing someone can do when they call me is to question me or start off with a question.

My hello was quickly followed by 'Mrs. Stone?'

I responded with, 'Yeah, you called should know that.'

Then I got the second most annoying thing someone can do while on the phone, 'Ummm, please hold.'

Grrrr! He was pushing all of the right buttons to get hung up on.

45 seconds passed and I seriously thought about hanging up and crawling back into bed when I heard a wonderfully familiar was Johnathon.

I was able to talk to him for about 20 minutes and it was amazing.

. . . . . .


  • My mom is doing well. She is very tired, has decided to keep what little hair she has left, goes to Bloomington daily for a shot, and is the most amazing person I know.

  • I worked just shy of 42 hours last week. :( Not sure if this is exactly what I want. I miss my kids way too much for everything to continue at such a fast pace.

  • This Saturday is my 5 year High School reunion and one of my best friends will be in town. Yay!! :)

  • I signed the girls up for jazz, ballet and tap dance lessons last week. It's a combo class for 4-5 year olds. We got their leotards, tights and some of their shoes today. $$$ Yikes!

  • The thought of Johnathon's upcoming deployment is too much to think I don't. I try to only think about what I need to worry about for the next day/week and nothing more. When I think of how much time he will be away, it's overwhelming.

I love my husband. I love my children. I love my family. I love my life. ♥

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