August 29, 2011

Hello, remember me?!

Today was day one of our second week of homeschooling. Yay!! Here is a little of what we will be doing this week...

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved - you and your household." Acts 16:31

Boxcar Children (chapters 6-10) I was originally worried that this book was a little too advanced for the girls but boy was I proven to be wrong. By Wednesday night they were begging me to continue reading and not to stop. It felt great to know that they were understanding the story enough to want to continue.

The letter 'B'
Doing one letter a week seems to be a bit on the boring side. I've thought about speeding this process up a bit, but instead I may try to just be a little more creative in researching fun activities for each letter. By Thursday the girls seem to be a little burnt out on our letter worksheets because they are simply too easy. Just a minor adjustment in our journey.

Family Names, Alphabet, Writing an Invitation

Tadpoles and Frogs, Living Long Ago

Climate, Water Cycle

...and that is to just name a few of our topics.

The girls spend most of their free time writing their name or different letters on their small dry erase boards ($1 at Target). They are also really into books on CD. They love turning the pages on their own and listening to the story.

I'm not sure how I envisioned our days to go while homeschooling, but I know it couldn't have gone any better in my head. The girls are doing fabulous and I am so proud of them. I will post later in the week about a few changes I made in my organizing and a little more detailed idea of what we do each day.

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Looks like you have had a busy week. I do not homeschool, but during the summer, we try to find fun(free) educational games to play. For learning new letters I found a great idea online. Do a scavenger hunt around the house. For example "B" collect things like a box, book, brush, bag... then have them try to write a list of all the things they found. Or if age appropriate you write the list and then read aloud for them to follow along. happy Homeschooling! And of course blogging!

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