August 22, 2011

First Day of School

The girls woke me around 6am begging me to start school. Of course that put a smile on my face, but I was determined to get another hour of sleep.

Fast forward to 8:15am when I woke up to Madelynn placing her soft hand on my cheek and saying, 'Mommy, wake up' very quietly. I knew it was bound to be a good day.

I got all three girls dressed and fed before turning on an episode of Dora for Madelynn (yes, I am THAT kind of mom) and getting to work with the twins.

We started with writing their names and drawing a self portrait. That was interesting.

We said our pledge, went over our bible verse, talked about what day it was, discussed the weather, did worksheets on the letter Ff, learned about dinosaurs, read a few poems, colored, used scissors...and all before 10am. We were on a roll!

Nana picked up the girls around 10:15 so they could go with her to Bloomington while I went to work.

Tonight we will review what we did today and read chapter 1 of The Boxcar Children.

I'm so happy with how today went and I can't wait to do it all over again tomorrow.

One down side?...forgetting my camera at my parent's house so I was unable to capture this moment in their lives. Oh well, life goes on.

:) Happy Homeschooling!!

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