July 19, 2011

Would You? Could You?

Has anyone else seen that documentary, "8 Boys and Wanting a Girl"?

It follows a few women who want so badly to have a baby of a certain sex after only having the opposite.

So I ask you this...

Would you? Could you?

Assuming you have the money to do so and you already have at least one child of the opposite sex, would you go through a round of IVF to have that other child?

Many refer to it as 'family balancing', other claim that it's 'playing God' and I would love to hear what everyone has to say on the matter.

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Dial Doctors said...

Honestly it's a very fine line but I guess people can stay on the "better" side with small choices. For example, I don't care if a person chooses to go through a round of IVF because she desires a particular gender. However, I do see a problem with someone having an abortion because it's not that specific gender. I first decided it was deplorable after watching an episode of ER. One lady had like 4 abortions whenever she would learn she was going to have a girl. She would do so because "girls were trouble."

Personally, I've always wanted boys but I would accept a daughter just the same. It's still MY child and I know it will be wonderful regardless of whether it pees sitting down or standing up.

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