July 18, 2011

Miss Audrinna is ONE!!

It feels like just yesterday I was at the hospital watching this little girl being born. Seeing her adorably dark hair and button nose...

on the 15th, she turned ONE!!

Nana & Madelynn...

There is something so sweet about the two of them. Something that is very hard to put into words. They are two people with the same spirit and soul. They are one in the same and I am so thankful for that. I know that when Madelynn is older, we will have a friendship like my mother and I do now. It gives me peace that I will still have a little piece of my mom in Madelynn.

I just love this picture of Audrinna and Madelynn.

I can't help but think of our little ladies in 16 years when they are getting ready for prom or going on double dates. They are only 9 months apart, much like my sister and I, and I know they will be great friends.

Can we just take a moment and acknowledge how big Alyssa & Allison are getting.

And how beautifully they are being big girls.

On a side note...I think my foot may be broken.

Or it was broken.

Or something is wrong!!

My husband and I were lifting 4 pieces of plywood a few weeks ago and I tripped over a box of screws (let's not go into detail. haha) and all 4 pieces of plywood crashed down on the top of my foot.

I brushed it off and excused the pain over the next few days as I just didn't give it time to rest.

You see, the problem now is that after a long shift at work, I can hardly put pressure on my foot. It's noticeably swollen and you can feel that something is just 'off'.


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