July 18, 2011


We've sure been busy lately!!

I'm working 5 days a week, getting our homeschool stuff organized, planning a 2nd birthday party for my littlest love and taking the girls swimming almost daily!!

I'm exhausted.

Alyssa, Madelynn & Allison at the splash park.

Emma has been spending the night so much that we now refer to her as my fourth child. She likes to come over and play house with the girls. She does their hair and gets them to follow her around the house...she loves it!!

Madelynn is still as ornery as ever.

She is the creator of madness and the destructor of everything around her.

She's my precious baby!!

My mom has started to lose her hair. It's been a slow journey that seems to by picking up pace as each day passes. She seems to be okay with this change and is embracing it as well as could be expected. For me, it's hard to watch.

It's something that we all knew was coming, but now that it is here, it all seems so unreal.

Her second round of chemo is this Friday.

Alyssa and Allison have been soaking up every second of Summer by spending their days in my parent's pool. It's a little bitter sweet for me though. I love seeing them so independent and watching them grow right in front of my eyes, but it's hard to see them beginning to not need me as much. They wear a life vest with an extra strap between their legs along with arm floaties and they are able to kick their feet and swim all on their own. They love it!!

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